Understanding Journey Intelligence: A CTO’s Perspective

By January 19, 2021 No Comments

Written by Eric Smith, CTO, BryterCX

Journey IntelligenceTM helps businesses understand the true journeys of their customers. Traditional analytics programs focus on a particular channel of user behavior. Analysis of cross channel interactions requires extra work for analytics or IT teams for each specific customer behavior, leaving blind spots in understanding of those behaviors. As the number of channels where businesses and customers interact grow, so do the size and number of blind spots. Journey Intelligence provided through IRIS™, a BryterCX product, provides true journey insights by creating a democratized and holistic view of your customer’s journey. Our platform brings together siloed channel data and unifies it into a customer centric view, telling the rest of the story.

The Path to Omnichannel Enlightenment

Unifying customer journey data together across different systems is not a simple problem to solve. Each source system has a different view, and representation of customer journeys and oftentimes does not have a common definition of a customer to readily connect the data. Our platform, drawing from years of experience in extracting and joining customer data across all of the common and less common customer interaction channels, utilizes big data processing, making it possible to ingest hundreds of streams of disparate data efficiently and at scale. We have extensive experience pulling data from common channels such as web, mobile applications, IVR, agent, branch, store front, and customer satisfaction data into a single customer centric view. Our advanced capabilities to tie together disparate custom systems of data and join those streams together on diverse and configurable customer keys and identifiers equips you to make better business decisions. Once the data is organized into customer centric journeys, you can use the platform to gleam efficient, automated ML- and AI-generated insights that greatly reduce the time to value for your analytic efforts.

Your Partner in Journey Management

You are not alone in this process. We work with each client to understand their business drivers and goals, using our expertise to help prioritize customer experience journeys which have the greatest business impact. To focus analysis on the journeys that matter, we define paths of customer behavior that are intending to accomplish a common business goal. We have found that oftentimes our clients design and expect their customers to behave in a particular way but later find out that they are following a different path. Our platform brings those discoveries to the surface, allowing businesses to identify sources of friction in their customer experience.

Journey Management in Practice

The following scenario will help us illustrate the core capabilities of the platform. While specific to financial services, this example can be applied to any business and any industry by simply substituting the company goal. In financial services it is common for a business to have self-service and assisted credit application processes. Each financial institution has multiple designed paths which customers can take to complete the credit application process: the web, in mobile applications, on the IVR, with a phone agent, or in person. The IRIS™ platform creates an activity definition of each customer journey design. Once the paths are defined, the platform begins automatically tracking the performance of the overall business goal as well as each individual designed path. Dashboards track customer behaviors and interactions with the business goal over time. Configurable alerts proactively notify stakeholders of changes in KPIs. The platform automatically generates insights and assists you in the identification of areas of customer friction which are causing suboptimal in-channel completions. We often find that friction in a digital experience, such as an iOS mobile application or the web, can cause customer frustration. Friction leads to incomplete self-servicing and increased operational costs by driving customer to complete their request over the phone via a customer service representative. IRIS™ allows our customers to discover optimization opportunities through automated and assisted insights. By identifying where your customers are experiencing friction, you can make changes to the user experiences through application or process updates. Improving in-channel goal completion will improve customer experience and drive down your operational costs. Additionally, IRIS™ assists in tracking the impact of changes made to processes or the software over time, even allowing users to calculate the ROI savings of reducing agent phone calls.

The Value of Journey Intelligence™

Journey Intelligence™ through IRIS™ automates the process of monitoring and managing your most important customer journeys by ingesting source data and computing KPIs on your customer journeys. This allows you to focus your efforts on market-differentiating aspects of your business. IRIS™ provides automatically updated dashboards of configurable KPIs, allowing you to monitor, analyze and alert on the metrics that matter. The alerting capability reduces the time to identify the impact of changes to your customer journeys, whether intentional or unintentional, which further allows you to optimize your customer experience and operational costs.

The year 2020 has taught us how important it is for companies to understand rapidly changing user behaviors if they are to thrive in a climate of evolving needs and high customer experience expectations. This is not likely to change in 2021 and companies will need to further cement their core competencies in cross channel CX, including journey analytics, in order to manage the pandemic-driven adaptations of their businesses and customers. With a solution like IRIS™ in your CX arsenal, you will be better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

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